• Welcome to Sarasota University

    Graduate education emphasizing the development of personal strengths for growth in your life and the lives of others

  • Montessori Graduate Programs

    Earn your masters degree in Montessori Education or Leadership through our strengths-based program.

  • Making a Difference

    Providing a more thoughtful and meaningful approach to graduate education with a goal to enhance personal and student success

  • Enhance Your Life & Career

    Programs are designed to provide an opportunity to learn and grow while maintaining your work and busy schedule

  • Grow to Sustain

    Through a unique and powerful education processes gain the wisdom and social consciousness to help sustain our complex world

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Achieve Your Greatest Potential with Your Strengths

“A leader needs to know his strengths as a carpenter knows his tools, or as a physician knows the instruments at her disposal. What great leaders have in common is that each truly knows his or her strengths — and can call on the
right strength at the right time.”  – Don Clifton

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