A Better MBA, Beyond A Strengths-Based Approach

Sarasota University Professor, Pesi Amaria, prepared an educational white paper discussing the advantages of earning a MBA with a strengths-based approach in the future of business. Addressing a number of signs pointing to tomorrow’s successful leaders and how taking a fresh perspective on business management will empower those seeking to get …

Strategies for Retaining Online Students

Strategies for Retaining Online Students Dr. Melissa Kaulbach and Dr. Heather Farmakis explore effective strategies for designing online courses with student retention in mind.

Building Community in Your Online Course

Building Community in your Online Course Dr. Melissa Kaulbach and Dr. Heather Farmakis share strategies for online instructors on how to create a course introduction video. Creating a course introduction video helps build community in your online course and sets the students up for success in the course. Learn what information to include in your course …

[Link] What is Strengths-Based Education?

A Tentative Answer by Someone Who Strives to Be a Strengths-Based Educator? Edward “Chip” Anderson, 2004 Professor, Doctoral Studies in Educational Leadership Azusa Pacific University What is Strengths-Based Education?