A Better MBA, Beyond A Strengths-Based Approach

Sarasota University Professor, Pesi Amaria, prepared an educational white paper discussing the advantages of earning a MBA with a strengths-based approach in the future of business. Addressing a number of signs pointing to tomorrow’s successful leaders and how taking a fresh perspective on business management will empower those seeking to get …

Strategies for Retaining Online Students

Strategies for Retaining Online Students Dr. Melissa Kaulbach and Dr. Heather Farmakis explore effective strategies for designing online courses with student retention in mind.

[Link] What is Strengths-Based Education?

A Tentative Answer by Someone Who Strives to Be a Strengths-Based Educator? Edward “Chip” Anderson, 2004 Professor, Doctoral Studies in Educational Leadership Azusa Pacific University What is Strengths-Based Education?