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Job Opening for 2024-25

Teacher in Clearwater, FL, US

Safety Harbor Montessori Academy is a well-established, private Montessori school in Clearwater, FL. Our school serves children ages 2 through 9th grade. Our mission is to inspire passionate scholarship and compassionate citizenship, guided by a deep sense of integrity, responsibility, and determination to achieve one’s personal best.

We are looking to hire a full-time teacher to help in an Upper Elementary (Ages 9-12) Classroom. We are searching for a well-qualified applicant with Montessori training, a bachelor’s degree, and experience with children. Montessori interns are welcome to apply.

★ Montessori Certification is required
★ Bachelor’s degree is required
★ Strong communication and interpersonal skills
★ Experience teaching in a Montessori environment
★ Passion for working with children and creating a positive learning environment

★ Health insurance
★ Paid time off
★ Employee discount
★ 401(k) matching

Job Type: Full-time

Schedule: Monday to Friday

Work Location: In person

Contact: Germaine DiJohn, Head of School

Apply here:


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